What’s Wrong with the Pope’s Green Theology
Lewis J. Perelman

I don’t even know where to start.

  1. The collectivist ethos is the basis of Christianity. I get that you don’t get that.
  2. Far from preaching to the converted he addressed his encyclical to everyone and its pretty clear now that everyone is responding and has been moved by it very clear logic, compasion for the poor and rooted meaning.
  3. the “We” in politics is not a “vacuous and often deceptive term” it refers in his terms to those who recognize their responsibility to each other and this “we” is and has always been the moving force of political change… as int ehe “we” shall overcome that drove the civil rights movement of the 60's
  4. “Overall, of the panoply of doctrines espoused by the Catholic Church, many are ignored or spurned, even by its own parishioners. The pope’s church also officially opposes gay marriage. Yet the people of Ireland, among the world’s most devout Catholics, voted by a wide margin (68 percent) to legalize same-sex marriage.” Isn’t an argument its a diatribe. Christians, Jews, Budists, Muslims everywhere are sympathetic and supportive of the Pope’s message. It is neither ignored nor spurned, that is a falsehood just based on the reaction to his trip the the US this week. We may no longer live in the times of Emperor Constantene, but the suthority and influnce of the Church remain important and significant. Diminishing it and dismissing it as “Vacuous” or “Ignored and spurned” is a reflection of your dissconnection with faith communities and plainly wrong
  5. I’ve only critiqued a couple of paragraphs of this… and am already tired. This isn’t going to be a fruitful discussion because you are so out on the fringe. So I call it quits.