How To Get Press for Your Startup: The Complete Guide
Austen Allred

Wow. I’ve often wondered what a great PR campaign looks like on the Internet, now I know. The beauty, Austen, is how you use the software tools available to create the PR Contact list and send. Simply beautiful — something I don’t say too frequently, unless it’s to my secretary — who reminds me of my wife. She reminds me of my wife whenever I get a little too close to her.

Strangely enough, I’ve written the counterpart to this article for generating publicity through print media — and completeing the campaign in two days.

The ‘Press Release’ chapter in my book, “How To Market a Product for Under $500!” shows it all: how to write a press release for print media, demonstrates how to use Bacon’s (now called Cision) Directory of Magazines to select the list of relevant magazines, and shows how to send all the releases the next day. Please let me know if you’d like me to email a copy to you with my compliments. Jeffrey Dobkin