It Has Never Been Easier To Make Money
It Has Never Been Easier To Make Money

Just ask my mother, it used to be hard to make money. When I was in high school in the early 2000s, I loafed around the house, unemployed, and had to ask to borrow $20 to go out with my friends. She always said, “get a job”!

My mother was right, I ought to have gotten a job.

The thing is, I hated the idea of working a hard job at a gas station or something like that, but those were the only places that would hire me (I figured) because I had no skills, no education and only a few available hours per week. …

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I’m subscribed to various marketing and writing Medium publications. For a while now, I have been fed featured headlines about making money with LinkedIn. I never clicked the headlines because I deleted my LinkedIn and will probably never use the service again. However, without thinking, after scanning just the headlines, but not reading the articles, I assumed people were making good side-hustles on LinkedIn.

Wrongly, I assumed LinkedIn had a partner/influencer program and people were getting paid for views. I assumed this because in my past experience as a LinkedIn member, so many mini-influencers were writing elaborate and sometimes viral LinkedIn posts, and of course I thought they must be motivated by getting something in return directly from LinkedIn for all the traffic. …

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If you are noticing ads, shady links, or even nude pictures maliciously inserted into your WordPress website or if you have run a security scan and found out that you have the helad.php malware on your website, read below for what to do to fix/remove it.

The nasty helad.php malware is also known as the Hello Ad virus or WP-VCD

I’ve come across this malware on several of my sites now, and I have managed to fix each one.

I first noticed the malware or virus by seeing porn pop-ups appearing in the right hand corner of my blog.

First, run a security check using Securi. If you don’t have it already, download the Securi security plugin for WordPress. It is around $200 bucks, but worth it for all the features it provides (virus scans, firewall, virus removal and on-going security). If you are serious about security on your WordPress site, you need this plugin. Securi is the leader in WordPress security, trusted by the biggest WordPress developers and enterprise-level websites. …


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