A couple of tips on running a successful business Instagram account, with inspiration from accounts that get it right.

Nowadays, a business can not reach its full potential without a notable social media presence. Cultivating a massive loyal following is the goal.

Among the many social media platforms out there, Instagram is the one with the most engagement. According to a recent study, Instagram has 58 times more engagement per user than Facebook.

New brands and companies blossom every day and disrupt markets by creating great content that’s visible to a large audience. It’s vital to have an effective Instagram strategy to survive. Here are some tips to get your IG strategy right.

Research What Works For Other Brands

No matter how original your…

A brief overview on personalized marketing and why It’s going to be an important factor to your marketing department’s success.

In the past decade, digital marketing has revolutionized the marketing landscape. Though traditional marketing is still prevalent, the majority of brands are going digital.

Why digital marketing works? It’s pretty simple: the return on investment is a lot higher.

With analysts predicting that there’s going to be substantial growth in digital marketing budgets, marketers are going to go the extra mile to make sure that their company stands out on newsfeeds, emails, and blogs.

This is where personalized marketing comes into play — allowing consumers to get an individualized marketing experience that’ll keep brands at the top of their…

Is work-life balance really possible? Or is it just a myth?

It’s something that we all struggle with. It’s hard to let go and completely shut off from work, what does shutting off say about your attitude or engagement level? As a leader, do you subconsciously judge employees by the number of hours they put in?

If I work from home for three days straight, is something wrong with that?

I think everyone would agree that they’d like more time to spend with their family/friends, but why is this such a big issue?

Is it the fear that exists…

People are waiting for feedback!

This blog and infographic is from my time as the co-founder and lead marketer at Officevibe. Now, as the CEO of New Theory Creative, we are creating a holistic work environment and we are completely open with our employees.

We can say, early on, that giving our employees and subcontractors full autonomy has been challenging, but we have seen positive returns. Learn more to find out how employee feedback can help your organization:

1. Are Employees Feeling Appreciated?

39% of employees report that they don’t feel appreciated at work.

As I’ve mentioned previously, employee recognition is a humongous deal! When you’re employees are not…

Social media has done something rather remarkable, when it comes to video, it’s leveled the playing field between big brands and local businesses.

High-Quality ideos used to only be available to the most prominent brands with massive budgets, it has now become something businesses of all sizes can do to compete right alongside big brands.

Here are 10 great reasons your small business should consider using video ads as part of your marketing strategy.

1 ) Explain Your Offerings to Your Audience Faster

If your product or service offering is a complicated one, video is a fantastic vehicle to help explain what you do to potential customers.

A well…

Wynwood Miami

In case you are not familiar with the three rules of real estate they go as follows: location, location, location.

While property value may seem a bit arbitrary, it’s pretty black and white; it depends on aesthetics, economic outlook, access to local businesses, and, of course, the people.

If you have been operating out of South Florida, or plan on getting an office down here. You will find that several of Miami’s real estate blogs claim that Wynwood is (quickly) becoming the premier business hub in South Florida.

With easy access to Downtown, Brickell, the Design District, and South…

From Alex Tass

As the internet continues to mature and digital marketing tactics continue to evolve, marketing and advertising are trending toward personalization.

This personalization has created an expectation in consumers that ad experiences and marketing sequences need to be tailored specifically to them, addressing their interests and solving problems they are facing.

This common practice is producing fantastic results.

When brands make video content hyper-relevant to their prospects, it creates an experience that is not only timely but also builds a human relationship between the prospect and the brand.

Contextual data and marketing campaigns are the new norms and the biggest…

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Btw here are some resources that will help engage readers:

About the blog:

New Theory blog is where digital marketers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders find expert, practical advice on marketing and business tips.


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The information age has gotten so advanced that it has allowed companies to leverage big data to generate video, with hopes to get the most out of their marketing initiatives.

Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar store looking for more foot traffic, or an enterprise-level software-as-a-service tool, chances are you’re using data and market research to help bring in more business.

With this post, we’re going to help you define key performance indicators, and discuss how you can use video to help your business reach new heights. …

Illustration by Britt Edwards

Grabbing the attention of a prospect has put marketing and sales teams in a bit of a tough spot. Due to the number of brands trying to attract consumer’s attention, getting that attention has become paramount.

One thing that remains a constant though is that consumers love it when you speak to them.

Us umans, we are all a little bit selfish. As a result, it is common for us to consider the “what’s in it for me” factor when making purchase decisions. One great way to capitalize on this trait is by using personalized content.

Personalized content isn't…

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