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I’m not crazy here. And I didn’t mix up a Canadian political party (New Democratic Party) with American’s.

Something similar between Bernie’s plan for America and NDP’s campaign promises, is that some of them are completely unworkable.


If Bernie takes the office, taxes (and particularly on high earners) would rise rocket high. Why? Because he wants to make public universities free, expand social security programs and increase infrastructure spending. Among the social security programs President Sanders wants to invest more in, one is pensions and the other is healthcare.

On top of Obamacare, President Sanders calls for the government to pay the healthcare bills, instead of private sector. According to The Economist, this would adds up to $14 trillion over the next decade, which will “require new taxes on most workers worth 8.4% of their income.”

Expanding social security programs also requires a big big big tax rise for those making more than $250,000. This will really upset the business sectors, especially the financial companies, which is very influential.

Henry Aaron of Brookings (a DC based think-tank) commented that Mr. Sanders’s plan is “radical in a way that no legislation has ever been.”

Let’s take a look at Canadian federal NDP’s campaign promises: $1.8 billion budget for healthcare for seniors, possible expansion of the Canada and Quebec pension plans, more police officers, more investments in Canadian tourism commission, more money to regulate industries, more money… more money… and more money…

If Canada has chosen an NDP government last October, I would say that Canada would sink more into the deficit, economy was going to be destroyed and most importantly, we will be taxed back to the stone age for a bigger welfare state.

Christinne Muschi/Canadian Press

NDP’s leader, Tom Mulcair, is under attack for losing almost half of the parliamentary seats in the House of Commons. After October 19th, NDP went back to the third place from the official opposition.

“He’s tainted.”

Said Cheri DiNovo (NDP), Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) for Toronto’s Parkdale-High Park.

Mulcair himself, admitted during an interview with Chris Hall on CBC Radio’s The House, that NDP “dropped 20 points in 48 hours after supporting niqab”. This, among with others, made the NDP lost the election. Mulcair is seen as a professional politician who jumped to NDP from Quebec Liberal Party. An opportunist, I shall conclude. I personally feel like he is the reason why people hate politics.

If I’d be given the chance to change NDP’s leader, Bernie Sanders would make Canada “feel the Bern”.

Unrealistic socialist plans just do not work in the reality.


Jeffrey Qi | Vancouver, BC

Special Columnist for Shanghai Student Post and its partnerShanghai Daily on international issues and Canadian politics.


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