3 Best Paid Jobs for Writers

Writing comes with passion. Writing anything is not some work that someone can ask you to do forcefully. If you are passionate about writing, if you think you have even the little skill that can help you become a writer, you can start working on that skill and endeavor until you make that little skill a huge thing.

We all know the fact that reading an article, a blog, a novel, and a column is easier than to write one. It takes exceptional skills to be able to write something that is worthy enough to get published somewhere. Writing is a form of art that only people who are capable of thinking beyond the boundaries can get the pleasure of composing it.

The fact is undeniable that there are hundreds of jobs there for the writers that really pays off on a large pay scale. To mention a few of them, here are some of the amazing jobs you can select for yourself if you own a good writing skill.


If you have a creative mind to create a story that is worth telling the world, you can start your career by becoming a screenwriter and who knows your next stop will be the grounds of Hollywood. You will be surprised to know that the average earning of a quality screenwriter is $74,440. Are you amazed by reading the average salary of screenwriters? Then what are you waiting for? Apply for it already!


The average pay scale of the speechwriter is believed to be around $77,182. Now if you think you are a good writer but writing job does not pay that much, you better start looking for speechwriter positions for big companies or maybe help out celebrities with their speeches. A lot of politicians, big company’s CEO, business executives, and public relations firms hire speechwriters at a reasonable pay scale to write a quality speech for them.

Wikipedia Writers

Agencies that says Wikipedia writers for hire are another one of the attractive job offers for writers. Do you think if that’s really a thing? Well people, you are living in the 21st century, a lot of stuff that sounds weird can be real, and Wikipedia writers earn a lot more you can imagine. If you consider yourself to have the potential to write facts based articles and compose drafts according to Wikipedia rules, then you better apply for this job right away.