What I learned from 52 Medium articles
Tim Cigelske

Most if this entry is good, but this one line … let’s talk about it. Anyone who gets up and acts productively is of value and everyone should be treated with respect — “McDonald’s” or otherwise. But those who excel at anything have to think that their idea, thei contribution, their “thing” — whatever that thing is — was special, different, or of some bit more value. Something in Michael Jordan said “give me the ball.” Something in Steve Jobs said “think different (like me).” Something in Martin Luther King said “I have a dream.” Something in Patton said “I can kick Rommel’s butt.” So, none if us are “better” than our fellow man in a sense if class or humanity, but we have to ultimately believe in our iwn talents and capabilities above what exists around us or we will never put it iut there.

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