7 reasons I call my mom everyday.

1. Because she’s still around.

and she won’t be forever.

2. Because she’s always willing to.

How does she have endless patience? I’m half convinced that I wouldn’t even want to talk to myself everyday.

3. Because she has wisdom that I don’t.

My mom has lived twice as much life as I have. I couldn’t possibly have amassed as much life experience as her, and she’s willing to share hers.

4. Because I’m a man.

and real men love their mothers. (Spoiler: real women do, too)

5. Because I miss her.

Don’t you ever want to go back to the days when you still hide behind your mom rather than to talk to scary grownups?

6. Because she birthed me.

and I’m sure that was painful.

7. Because she knows me better than anyone.

Who else has paid close attention to my every action since I was 0 days old?

Call your mom today.

You’ll be glad you did.

Aren’t moms the best?

P.S. Hi mom!