If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America
Isaac Simpson

Very interesting, and well thought out piece. I would say, that in the event of a Trump impeachment, if rural America decided to go on strike, then it would be the establishment’s duty to nationalize farms, as President Obama should have done with the banks and insurance companies on Wall Street after the fiscal collapse in 2008. Having government serve as the “adults in the room” after fiscal and political calamity is the only way this nation survives the endemic corporate corruption that has stolen our once representative democratic republic. That said, we can’t continue as we are under the dictates of Republican Fascism. The perception of a “silent majority” is, as we all know, a canard. When the minority Republican party tries to claim a “mandate” over the liberal voting majority in America, this creates an untenable and doomed to fail political outcome. It happened to a seemingly lesser extent in 2000 under Bush. The usual right wing overreach doomed his presidency from the earliest days. This is just another repeat performance with lots of political street theater thrown in to keep us watching, and divided……

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