The Finger’s on the Self-Destruct Button

1,000 Paid Downloads Seems Like A Lot

As a recording artist who spends weeks and months crafting a song only to have it completely ignored, I have little hope in ever deriving a “modest recording budget” much less a livelihood from my music–though that would be extremely nice. So the notion of the indie artist turning his back on the streaming services seems a bit like going up a to a girl who has shown no interest in you and saying, “I wouldn’t date you anyway.”

My tunes and less so my novels are created and released into a near vacuum created by a plethora of entertainment distractions. You may be a perfectly lovely blade of grass but it’s hard to stand out on a lawn. So, until I attract the interest of professionals who think they can make some money off hyping my work (and how much more will I make then?), streaming services offers at least an opportunity to be heard — never mind being paid.

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