Frodo Baggins for President

How can you take seriously an article with a title suggesting a Hobbit for President? Yet the author obviously does care and wants to offer serious solutions to the problem of money in politics and the decline of influence of voters.

The quixotic notion that a single person can change the system as President shows a lack of understanding of the Constitutional design of our government as does the reference to a bankruptcy court which mixes the roles of the branches of government.

Nothing is going to change until voters want change at least enough to vote in larger numbers and take an active interest in changing or at least engaging in the political process.

I am more interested in the ideas of how and why political systems fundamentally change. There is no reason to assume that we are now governed by the final form of government the people of the United States will choose to live under.

Rather than a mystical character leading us from our present sorry state of politics I am looking for the emergence of a “governance coalition” in the House of Representatives that will include members of both parties who finally see the damage that gridlock and undisclosed massive amounts of money are doing to the well-being of the nation.

This is one of the reasons I am considering a run for Congress in 2016 from the 24th Congressional District of California. I plan on running as a centrist interested in governance rather than the wreaking of governing institutions or maintenance of ideological purity.

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