How to choose a laptop for programming
Ayo Isaiah

I think one of the most important factors, which I don’t believe was mentioned here, is cooling. I’ve had several laptops for all-day development work and one thing they all suffered from was overheating, esp Dell’s and HP’s back about 6–8 years ago. Once the laptops get hot, performance goes pear shaped. So about 6 years ago I got my first ASUS gaming laptop (I do not game at all) because it has a pair of massive cooling vents in the back, it looks like a jet’s exhaust back there, and that has made all the difference. All my laptops were high spec (CPU, RAM, etc) but they all got hot. The cooling of the ASUS laptops made the difference for me and I’ve had 2 of them so far and would probably get another when the time is right.