Time Doesn’t Give A Shit

Time doesn’t care if you’re black or white.

Time doesn’t care if you think Trump is the new Jesus or you can’t wait to impeach Trump.

Time doesn’t care if you’re 92 years old or 7 years old.

Time doesn’t care if you’re an asshole or if you’re a nice guy.

Time doesn’t care if you’re poor or rich.

Time just does what it does best.


That big thing you’re waiting to do?

That beautiful woman you’re waiting to ask out?

That road trip you want to take your son on?

That crappy job you’re waiting to leave?

That book you’re waiting to write?

That call to your old friend you’re waiting to make?

Stop. That. Waiting. Shit.

You know what the etymology of the word ‘wait’ is?

It comes from the Old North French word ‘waitier’ which means “to watch”.

So when you’re “waiting” to do something you’re just choosing to watch it pass you by.

Key word there is choose.

Because just like you chose to spend these last two minutes reading these words.

You get to choose how you spend the next two minutes.

And the next two minutes after that.

Your life is waiting for you.

Your life is watching you.

Give it the performance of a lifetime.

Your lifetime.

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