The Great Debate: Trout Vs Harper
Mitch Bannon

Was this like a high school debate where you were just assigned a side to argue? I find it difficult to believe someone who writes about baseball could genuinely say: “The question we are attempting to answer is who is the better baseball player, and in the field or at the plate the answer is unquestionably Harper.”

You seem to have zero grasp of what DRS is measuring. It compares fielders to other players at their position. This should be obvious to everyone, but I think this LaFontaine guy might need it broken down for him: across the league, there are better fielders in CF than in RF. CF is a far more demanding position. Just look at Mookie Betts. In 2015, while playing CF, he put up 11 DRS. In 2016, when he switched to RF (and was thus compared to other RF’s) his DRS shot up to 32 in just over 200 more innings. You can’t just compare DRS at face value across positions to determine who is the better fielder. There is a reason all forms of WAR have a positional adjustment. Anyone with a basic understanding of advanced fielding metrics realizes Trout is a far better fielder than Harper.

The hitting is easy. Trout career 168 wRC+, Harper career 139 wRC+.

I really hope this wasn’t a serious opinion. That would just be sad.