How to build an enduring, multi-billion dollar business
Sarah Tavel

Hey Sarah — what a fabulous post thx for sharing with us — I wanted to share a new emerging service in Toronto that is doing exactly this and I can’t tell you how excited i was to try it out and you are bang on! The service is the Uber of Home Maintenance and I can now just push a button on my Jiffy on Demand App to get an electrician, plumber, handyman or dozens of other home services and i always get the best pro’s at the best price. My wife and i were always frustrated finding reliable people to do work at our house in Toronto and being surprised with the bill at the end on what is actually cost and these guys really are capitalizing on the strategy with way more selection, using awesome technology and using their scale to get you the very best and pre-determined price which just didn’t exist before. Would love to know your thoughts as i immediately thought of Jiffy who is a local start-up in Toronto and a service my family is really loving!!!