The Enigmatic Enigma Concept
Jennifer Kirk

Jennifer, Welcome to Club Enigma! Your experience was well described and well hidden the gems that await the lucky customers. If you choose only one gastronomic experience and don’t have the time or money to do 30 in 30 then I feel Enigma should be the go. I was confident that station 6 would keep YOU there longer than your fellow diners. All our fellow diners have kept in touch since that night in March. One described this as a temple for foodies, a place where worshipers gathered and shared the common love for food. The final destination, the place where the Enigma Experience is shared. If I know you, the wine and spirits may have caused a late sleep in the following day. It should be noted that the wine pairing is not a glass but rather a continuous supply until the next wine follows! Makes for a very interesting 6th Enigma, Agreed??

Love your work!


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