Building Digital Product Masters to Prevail in the Age of Accelerations

Straight talk on an essential element in your risk mitigation and your organizations’ success in a 3 part series

I am sharing a three part story on how building a Digital Product Master (DPM) mitigates unfunded liability risks and enables organizations to move fast, adapt quickly, and improve the top line revenue and bottom line costs.

They will answer a number of questions…

  • Why should we begin building a DPM?
  • Why is it important for B2B SaaS firms and connected IoT product owners?
  • What is a Digital Product Master / what is it NOT?
  • What are unfunded liabilities and risks in the current business environment?
  • Where are we headed that make building DPMs crucial?
  • What does a DPM look like?

Each of the three parts are inspired by real life stories. The stories help frame the lessons learned that are the rationale for Building a Digital Product Master for your organization.

Part 1 of 3: Prevailing in the Age of Accelerations

New Risks in the Age of Accelerations Require New Solutions

Part 2 of 3: Meet a Digital Product Master

Business Enterprise Architecture Right-Sized for your Protection

Part 3 of 3: A Digital Product Master Case to Study

Digital Roadmap for Teams, Tools, and Flows with four framework models

Summary versions of the stories will also be available as SlideShares.