Unfortunately, you’ve steered this conversation into a dark abyss of worthless, fallacious arguments.

Mary Magdalene makes literally no difference in an abortion argument. Enough is enough already.

Woe to anyone in the future that tries to debate the issue of abortion with you.

Here are the reasons your comments definitely didn’t help anyone:

  1. You refuse to truly answer any questions of morality and have said literally NOTHING in terms of an argument for abortion.
  2. You posit pointless, red herring questions over and over, thinking they’re rhetorically effective.
  3. You base your arguments on incredible, unfounded conspiracies and Catholic heresy. I truly pity your upbringing in Catholic teaching… I really do.

Your comments have amounted to a meandering, unintelligible ramble that is a waste of anyone’s time that chose to read it.

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