Scouting decline was always due to changes in society, even before the first “official” change…
Louis Weeks

Bruh, that’s just like your opinion. I know I’m not going to change your mind. You seem to not believe me when I say I’m a Scout and you certainly don’t have much respect for an insiders perspective. Two closing points:

I’m not an outsider wanting to change the Boy Scouts. I was sitting across the table from Scout Executives laying out what I think new inclusive policies should be while getting a pay check from them. I’ve met with church and community leaders on these issues and have spent years working to expand the program and where I could make it more inclusive. Yeah, there’s external pressure for change. There’s also internal pressure from employees, volunteers, and even churches. And I’m the internal kind of pressure.

Scouting has to change and has changed. Scouting was segregated well into the sixties and seventies (depending on the area). As recently as 2006 Scouting publications encouraged having minstrel shows. Women couldn’t be leaders in the past and there were no co-ed programs in the past (now there are several). Scouting is at risk, to be sure, but I would argue that it’s at greater risk if it doesn’t change. I argue that these changes don’t compromise values.