Even if you are telling the truth, that was then, this is now.
Louis Weeks

Bruh, you’re acting like Scouting was doing well before the decision. News flash, it wasn’t.

That chart stops right before the first inclusion measure which was 2013. Admittedly there was a spike in membership loss in 2013, but how do you explain the decline in membership for the thirteen years before that? And actually it’s decades before I’m just too lazy to comb the annual reports right now. Even when the Supreme Court confirmed Scouting’s right to discriminate in the 2000 Norman v Dale decision the membership kept declining. Scouting was on a track towards failure long before the decision to be more inclusive. To blame their woes on the politically correct culture and the radical left is narrow minded.

In fact the one area where Scouting has been growing is in its Learning for Life programs. These are purely secular programs that have none of the membership restrictions you see in traditional scouting. How about that? A secular program is growing in a secular nation.

I argue that to survive the Boy Scouts needs to just become the Scouts. Remove all membership barriers except for age. Not only would this change align the program with the direction the country is going anyway, but it will double the Scouts potential membership pool. It will remove all barriers of financial support as well.

And your face may be getting red at the idea, but let me remind you that Scouting is not a Christian program. It’s respects all faiths. And all faiths are not united in their opinions on LGBTQ individuals. Barring membership to some because of a perceived sin is the height of hypocrisy. I’ve known adulterers to be scout leaders and that’s a sin. I consumed alcohol while working for the scouts and that’s a sin. I was still allowed to be a member.

And you may also believe that the values of scouting are incompatible with atheism or the LGBTQ individual. To that I say bull. I’ve lived the values. An atheist can show reverence by respecting people for their religious choices and differences. A transgender individual is just as capable of being morally straight as you or me. One or the three Aims of scouting is citizenship. How can an organization teach the virtues of citizenship and deny membership to citizens?

Despite your grandiose claims of the future doom of Scouting it should be clear that Scouting is declining regardless of politically correct pressure. Scouting could take a step to the right, reinstate it’s discriminatory policies, and it will still decline in relevance and likely fail. Or it can embrace change and continue to maintain relevance. And maybe your right and that will kill it too, but I would rather the program die than continue to covertly teach discrimination.

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