The Press Secretary Who Cried Wolf

There once was a man named Sean Spicer,
And he was such a terrible liecer.

What is a liecer you say?
It is one who lies all day.

And so Spicer did lie,
To all the press that came by.

Some lies were small,
And some were ten feet tall.

One day Spicer had enough,
And went to his boss so tough.

He said, “These lies are too much,
“We are pushing our luck.”

The boss narrowed his eyes,
As he told even more lies.

“Don’t be silly,” he said,
“The whole country is red.”

“We can lie a whole ton,
“Because I beat that Clinton.”

Spicer left with a sigh,
His whole world was a lie.

He kept lying his way,
Joined by Sanders and Conway.

Then one day there came a surprise,
Comey was forced to say his goodbyes.

The reasons were lied,
But nobody believed their side.

Spicer gave his take,
While the boss said it fake.

Everyone knew he had lied,
Not even in a bush he could hide.

Who was telling the truth?
That would take such a sleuth.

How will it all end?
I pray the answer is around the bend.

With impeachment perhaps?
Or more years of these craps?

One thing we do know,
Is that Spicer’s nose will grow.

He will lie till they come,
And force truth to be done.

Let this tale be a warning to you,
That always the winner is true.

And if you find yourself president,
Don’t leave the truth so bent.

I guess if you truly want to be,
Then let the truth set you free.