Create Your Own Experiences With Your Effort

The other day I attended a meeting with regarding startups and business. One question that came up that caught my attention was “what prevents you from starting something up?” This question doesn’t just apply to the world of startups. It can apply to other things we do or undertake in our lives. What we do is based out of some sort of desire or need to make us happy. Everyone has their own internal and external motivations to do something.

Experience is vital to success, but without effort it will amount for nothing. Through your effort, you create your own experiences. It’s more than just saying “there’s a will, there’s a way,” and there needs to be honest self-searching and identification of what needs to be done. Whether you’re going to launch a startup or travel to an unknown destination, there needs to be good thought and effort in doing so. Things just don’t happen because you say it will.

Experience and Knowledge Can Be Acquired

Experience is something beyond having a particular job or title to say we can do something. One perfect example of this would be my story of how I got into programming and now, the startup scene. I was an Economics major in college and found myself updating WordPress sites. I then taught myself programming to where I now use programming languages such as PHP and JavaScript to build applications for the web and mobile. I’ve since gone into new endeavors such as event organizing, launching a personal web app project, and joined a development team with some like-minded and ambitious individuals.

For anyone who says they can’t do something, I would say to take an honest assessment of what you need and how they’d approach their goals. For attaining skills, the internet has been a godsend to get started on learning anything, whether it’s programming or how to shoot a basketball. Don’t have the knowledge or connections? You can attend meet-ups or email business leaders you’d like to connect with and have as a mentor. We live in the 2000’s with Facebook and Twitter giving out rapid updates from everyone, so there’s no excuse why you can’t connect with people or seek opportunities beyond where you currently are.

Trust Yourself

There is a lot of noise in the world. When you attain new connections or do new things there’s going to be a lot of questions or criticism. I do not want to say to ignore it, as there is some warranted criticism and questions that you may not see in your thought process. There’s also going to be a lot of suggestions but you should always control your own vision. If you can’t trust yourself to do something, who will? When dealing with life decisions, you’ll have to trust yourself and commit to something for better or for worse.

When Your Effort Isn’t Enough

I’m a believer that hard and smart work will always pay off. However, we also have to acknowledge that sometimes other people will not always see or recognize your contributions or value. Rejection is painful in all forms. This is a fact of life that we can’t escape from, but like our effort we can dictate how we react and what we do in response. Your happiness and well being is your own individual responsibility.

When your effort and hard work doesn’t feel like it’s paying off, there’s nothing wrong with quitting. Things don’t always work out, and I’ve learned to call a “spade a spade” when I see it. Whether it’s leaving a job/commitment, ending a friendship/relationship, or moving to another location, change is always happening around us so it’s okay to make our own changes as well. It’s better to go to a situation where you are not only happy but gain new and better experiences. The value you gain is knowing if what you need to do from a prior endeavor if a similar opportunity came up again, or to decide never to come back to it again.

Great Things Come To Those Who Don’t Wait

One thing that has been beaten into my head after getting involved in the startup scene is talk is cheap. There’s so many ideas and desires of people, but few actually do the work even if the odds go against them. We create our own experiences, and we need to take responsibility for what and why we do things. While patience is a virtue, I’m a believer that great things come to those who don’t wait. Work hard and smart, trust yourself, and good luck everyone!

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