A Note to Major Sports Leagues & Teams

This Forbes piece, and every other piece I’ve read on the Connected Fan Experience contains a critical strategic flaw.

Nearly every major league and team is focusing the vast majority of their technology investment on new ways to entice fans to spend more money at the game (i.e. In-Seat Ordering, 10% off Merchandise, etc.).

But, connected audiences are incredibly discerning, and increasingly intolerant of overt (annoying) advertising.

So, if your new ballpark/arena innovation has a heavy focus on new marketing and relatively little focus on new engagement and interactivity, we’ll ignore it wholesale and engage with Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat without without a 2nd thought.

Instead, get creative and come up with engaging, interactive experiences we can’t find anywhere else.

Capture our imagination and you can be certain our dollars will follow.

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