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I finally had an opportunity to watch this last night. As the film wore on I found the characters ambiguous dilemma's annoying. I gained no empathy for the attacker despite the director’s excellent showing he wasn’t a black-hat loner of evil. They were deplorable and frankly I wished a worse fate. (Rape, which was certainly implied if not shown, is a crime I have no sympathy for or understanding of.)

The leads played their parts extremely well. The husbands difficulty in understanding what a woman goes through when attacked.

I will also say I probably would have enjoyed the film more if the subtitles hadn’t been so poorly rendered. While I won’t claim to speak or understand Farsi it was clear more was being offered than the google translate of subtitles playing out on screen. I desperately want to see this again with a friend from Iran to discover the dialog I’m missing.

Apologies if my post is coming across negatively. I thought this was nothing short of excellent and well deserving of the accolades it earned.

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