The Fundamental “Why” of Music Discovery
Cortney Harding

I strive to discover new music because I bore myself as a curator. I’m 30 and lug around a music collection of 8,000 songs or so that can feel limited. I rely on sources like Pandora, SoundCloud, Songza by way of Google Music, and Beats1 to help me find new music that I haven’t heard that suit my tastes.

The future of music will be a mix of new and old. SoundCloud is a great representation of the new. It’s commonplace for creators to offer their tracks for free download on the service and distribution feels more democratic than most.

Apple Music is the latest incarnation of the old. It’s a grand stage for artists from the major record labels with its “always on, worldwide” radio station. I’m intrigued to know see how many subscriptions the service retains following the introductory 3-month trial period.