About Me

I’m a Colorado native, originally from littleton. Since I can remember, I’ve been involved in some form of physical activity. The earliest memory I have is of me being excited to punch the pads in Karate, but I don’t know how old I was at the time. From there, I wanted to try Tae-Kwon-Do, which I did enjoy for a while, until I found my way into things like dirt bikes, snowboarding, wrestling, and eventually the Marine Corps.

I first got into the health and fitness profession when I left the military, and wanted to find a less taken path to understanding how to improve physical health and performance. Beginning as a massage therapist, where I worked primarily with chronic pain clients, and endurance athletes, I soon found that I wanted to expand my scope. So, after a short period of time integrating corrective exercise with massage therapy, I enrolled in the National Personal Training Institute in Lakewood, Colorado.

After receiving my Diploma, and becoming a Certified Personal Trainer, I began competing in Kettlebell Sport, otherwise known and Girevoy Sport. A sport that requires a multitude of athletic qualities. They are a simple tool, that can be used in many ways, and always be used as a consistent measuring tool for overall work capacity and conditioning.

2015 IKFF Chicago Classic

I do not use kettlebells exclusively. Of course, there is always a need to use different modes of training, as well as accounting for corrective work.

However, when used as a primary tool, I have found that once a client gets into a “groove” with a kettlebell swing, they have much more fun, as well as increase their performance greatly. Achieving this “groove” isn’t always easy, but it’s the basis for learning the rest of the kettlebell movements.

In my experience, kettlebells are the best way to create synchronicity between physical movements, as well as learn to match breathing to those movements.

This is what I love to do! It’s a simple tool, that has a lot of technical aspects to it. It’s one tool that I really believe in as a form of total body strength and conditioning.

I offer 1-on-1 training, as well as online coaching.

Contact me at jeff.ortraining@gmail.com with any questions or to inquire about training. If we schedule a consultation, I will send you the intake questionnaire to fill out (As well as for online coaching) before we meet in order to save time during the initial session.


NASM- Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist

National Personal Training Institute- Diploma

International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation- Level 1 CKT

Registered Massage Therapist (Integrated with training)

Kettlebell Sport Competitor

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