Let’s Not Obsess Over GSW vs. SAS Too Much

Don’t overreact to Saturday’s Golden State Warrior’s vs. San Antonio Spurs showdown. Just don’t. About two months ago, when the two teams first played one another on NBA TV, the Warriors romped the Spurs. They picked them apart from top to bottom, draining shot after shot, and proving to be too much to handle, settling the argument about which team is indeed the powerhouse. In the ensuing days, media outlets discredited the worth of the win by pointing out that Tim Duncan sat, and thus, the Spurs didn’t try or care. While it is true that the Spurs are known for resting a starter or two on road games and waiting to play their hand until they feel they have an advantage such as home court, the margin of victory was still a little hard to believe.

Let’s not overreact to one game, one in which Duncan played 0 minutes and the Warriors shot the lights out (even if that is what they so often do).

Fast forward to March 19 and the margin of victory was much smaller, and in the opposite direction. The Spurs quieted the Warriors and the faucet that usually overflows with threes from Steph and Klay ran dry, much to the credit of the Spurs (because, as you know, it doesn’t happen often). Plus, in this game, Duncan played 38 minutes. Oh, check that, he played eight.

The Spurs played well, as they always do at home, and the Warriors had a rough game, as they usually don’t. Tim Duncan barely played, like he did the last time these two teams took one another on. Anyway, what does all of this mean? Nothing, it’s the regular season and these are the two best teams who have each won one game versus another on their home court, winning the way these teams typically do.

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