Thanks Jeff!
Ethan Roland Soloviev

The framework you’ve presented reminded me of Steiner’s “3-fold” social ideas. You have, as you say, the social element (“Rights” to Steiner) and the cultural or spiritual element, too. As Sekem’s “sustainability flower” illustrates, all the social “realms” are embedded in nature; our social undertakings play out in the realm of nature, whether we like it or not. But Steiner’s third realm is the economy, and (as far as I can tell) something other than the purely financial is meant. As Robert Karp writes, “Economic processes are all activities related to transforming and distributing the earth’s resources, and managing the circulation of values, in order to provide human beings with the goods they need to lead meaningful lives.” In other words (again, as I understand it), a farm (regenerative or otherwise) should meet actual human material needs.

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