Why do communities exist? For internal or external purpose? Or both?
Fabian Pfortmüller

Bravo, Fabian — freaking love your writings, very thought provoking.

i feel with the $$ stranglehold over the basic livelihood, and the dominant need to make MORE money, rather than make ENOUGH money completely compromises the underlying tones, the dark corners of conversations like this.

so many groups are in the midst of asking: how can valuation of companies be MEASURED on how a company truly serves in the well being and thriving of all beings, in every existing ecosystem, and then, how will it be REWARDED?

Currently, most Measured Performance <<>> Rewarded with $$

And so, performance is usually focused on this thing called revenue, because of the fact that livelihood strongly equates with more $$.

i feel with the above dynamic, people mainly DO practices, methodologies, and initiatives that focus on this $$ bottomline, and only SAY practices, methodologies, and initiatives around values

i feel, most high profile company you see today where their measured performance GENUINELY weighs factors above profit, both externally and internally, privately and to shareholders, is someone like Patagonia. Even most companies with certifications like B-Corp primarily sacrifice the sanctity of genuine, community stewardship, because they need to make this Q’s rev goals…

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