The Thing With Growth

Jeff Shuck

It can come upon you slowly
Silent like a ghost
Or seize upon you quickly
And shake you to your toes
Its waves will twist and turn you
And dump you on the coast
You’ll be a better swimmer, though –
That’s the thing with growth.

It can validate assumptions
Just what you’ve diagnosed
Or treat you like an idiot
When you start to boast
You’ve got to drop the story
Or your ego will be toast
You’ll learn that you’re resilient, though –
That’s the thing with growth.

It can hang you up a yardarm
Dangling from a rope
Or set you on a mountaintop
Confirming every hope
One thing that’s always certain, though
You’ve got the skills to cope
This is what we’re born for –
That’s the thing with growth.

Originally published on Plenty.

Jeff Shuck

Written by

Dad, windsurfer, aquarium lover, fundraiser, musician, entrepreneur. Co-leader of Believer in the abundance all around us.

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