Mass Shootings in America, and Why Men (and Boys) Keep Doing This
Charlie Hoehn

This has to be satire right? This “author” literally says he doesn’t know much about the vegas shooter, has no background in mental health, cites no studies or research, yet in the headline he says he knows exactly the reason the vegas shooter did what he did — he experienced ONGOING PLAY DEPRIVATION.

Yes if only the man had someone to horseplay and wrestle with he would have never done this! Give this writer a nobel prize for science immediately. Surely he’s conducted studies to prove this theory isn’t just a made up opinion to book “motivational speaking” gigs. 
This level of ignorance would be hilarious if it wasn’t so repulsive he’s exploiting a mass shooting to promote his speaking services encouraging people to play more. He says Charles Whitman shot up students from the UT tower because he didn’t have “healthy and joyful play must be had in order to thrive. Boys need to wrestle with their dads, and they need to roughhouse with other boys.”

That might be the dumbest sentence i’ve ever read. There is no correlation between wrestling and mass shootings. I can’t believe I just typed that. 
Charles Whitman was a popular student, an eagle scout, and his hobbies included hunting, scuba diving, karate, and playing cards. 
He became extremely mentally ill due to a brain tumor that pressed against his amygdala which controls flight-or-fight responses and anxiety.

This Charlie Hoehn character was too lazy to do an ounce of research. What a charlatan, preying on trusting people like you. 
Fake news is everywhere, don’t fall for the clickbaity bullshit.