What is a Wet Tile Saw?

Dewalt 2400s wet tile saw

Anyone who is familiar with home renovation projects will know just how important it is to have the right tool for the job and this is certainly true when it comes to working with tiles. There are various tools available for this task and one which is being seen more and more these days is the wet tile saw. But just what is a wet tile saw?

It is rare to find yourself fitting tiles without the need to cut at least some of those tiles to fit around areas such as sink pedestals, toilets, baths and a range of other fixtures and fittings. Indeed, you could well find yourself having to do quite a lot of tile cutting and this could mean using a range of different tools.

The secret to cutting a tile is to remove a section of the tile cleanly and without shattering the tile completely or chipping the section of the tile you wish to use.

If you only wish to remove a very small section from the edge of a tile then you may be able to do this using a tile nipper, which is a small tool used a bit like a pair of scissors to snip a small corner section off a tile.

If you need to remove a bit more of the tile and need to cut the tile in a straight line then you may also be able to simply score the tile and break it cleanly along the score line, in a similar fashion to cutting a sheet of glass.

The problem however comes when you need to make a more complex curved cut to fit the profile of a particular fixture or fitting because here scoring the tile simply will not work. It is for more complex cuts of this nature that you need a wet tile saw.

Wet tile saws are designed to cut ceramic tiles without breaking them and do so, not by cutting the tile with a sharp blade as you might expect from a saw, but by grinding out a channel in the tile using an abrasive coating such as diamond dust on the saw wheel. This process of grinding a groove into the tile produces considerable friction and thus large amounts of heat and so the saw blade needs to be cooled using a steady stream of cold water. Hence the name ‘wet’ saw.

If you are likely to be laying tiles just once in a blue moon then your best bet might be to simply rent a tile saw however this is not always as cheap as you might think and the saw that you rent may not be in the best shape since rented equipment is not always treated with the respect and care that it deserves. So, if you are likely to need a wet tile saw for anything more than just the odd job it would certainly be well worth buying your own.

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