Evernote kinda blows if you get right down to it.

Evernote is in my “Best of the Worst” bucket of tools.

It continues to blow my mind how poor such a great software is. I will not lie and say I don't use Evernote a lot. And I won't say that it isn't useful or doesn't have some great features. It does, but it has some serious #fail points. First, being cute doesn't make you worth billions. Yeh, the interface is “slick” but it’s just straight confusing. The idea of files and folders is proven, works and is universal. Just use that and keep it simple. Second, sharing blows. If I share something with someone, just have it show up for them. Don't make them go on a Churchwide easter egg hunt. Third, how is it that I can’t copy formatting from one note to another? Or even copy formatting within the same note? If I make some text 18pt, then copy and past it, sure enough, it shows up as 14pt, the default size. But whats more annoying is that if I make a spiffy little table in a note, then copy that table into another note, nope, it’s just a long list of text — #straightboned.

There is a lot more wrong with the app that could easily be fixed, I actually haven’t seen much on the feature improvement side for a while now. They seem to be working on marketplaces and other such junk that isn’t important. Look, I pay for Evernote already. I’d pay more if it worked as good as Microsoft word. Frankly Microsoft dropped the ball here when they just simply didn’t make the desktop version of MS Word simply connect to a cloud based storage so I’d have all my files nicely in a clout file tree… that’s all I really want because Word crushes Evernote on almost all accounts from a “text editing” standpoint.

That is all.

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