The reason why it is difficult to convince a Donald Trump or Narendra Modi fan.

By now I guess most of you might have come across a Modi or Trump fan who blindly follows their dear leader and will defend literally anything that they do even though credible evidence is shown to them. The following are some of the reasons why it might be difficult to convince a Modi fan or a Trump fan on any topic or come to a middle ground and find a common ground.

1. Right wing people by default see themselves and their leaders as more Patriotic:

People accept the Right Wing by default to be more patriotic. It doesn’t matter about the kind of corruption they are involved in, they can easily get away with it because people think that they are doing everything for the good of their country. This also creates another more serious problem of labeling anyone who has a different opinion than them as “Anti-national” or “Anti-American” or “Anti-Christian” or “Anti-Hindu”. During George W Bush’s administration anyone who had a different opinion on the War in Iraq was immediately labelled as “Anti-American”, and now that Trump is President I couldn’t be surprised if they start playing the Patriot card again, and in India the “Anti-National” label is thrown at people with different opinions at the drop of a hat. The problem is that when people start demonizing and labelling everyone who has a different opinion then there will never be any room for debate and sensitive and serious topics can never be discussed and when we can’t even discuss issues then how can we solve them?

2. Right wing is seen as more religious by default:

Republicans are seen as “more Christian” in the US and the BJP is seen as “more Hindu” than politicians from other political parties. Whether we like it or not the harsh reality is that in most cultures across the world, a religious person is seen as “more moral” and as a “good person” The problem with this is that politicians can do anything they want and they can be viewed as morally superior to others. This is how many republican politicians can be highly perverted and sleazy and still run a “family values” campaign and still win elections and the same way how BJP politicians can make highly communal statements and still get away with it.

Without breaking the above two default assumptions that many right wing supporters have it could be very difficult to convince them on any topic. There are many Media organizations which are doing some good investigative journalism in India and the US but sadly no matter what they find out and report on it, Trump and Modi supporters won’t believe it, especially in an environment where the Right wing in both the countries have been very successful in demonizing the press that actually does its job and praise the press that pushes in the ruling party’s propaganda. Media organizations should come up with a way to break the press demonization practice which the politicians use and also to destroy the default assumptions which many right wing supporters have.