The 4 Pillars of a Highly Successful Internet Business — Part 1

It’s common knowledge that you cannot put up a building without first pouring the foundation. And that foundation has to be solid. This rule for building a sturdy physical structure definitely holds true for building a strong business as well, and that includes a business on the internet.

I like to think of four pillars as representing the core foundation underlying the success of every successful Internet Entrepreneur I personally know — and that includes myself.

Now, these four pillars may sound simple on the surface, so please do not be too quick to dismiss them. It will be well worth your time to study and master them. They represent the powerful bedrock structure upon which you will finally be able to establish your soaring financial future.

(FYI — I broke the Pillars into 2 posts for you to make them easier to digest)

Success Pillar #1: FAST is Easier Than Slow

This is a basic principle you must understand. There’s a famous phrase in the business world that says, “Success likes speed.” I can confirm from my own personal experience that this is 100% true.

The problem is, everyone around you may be telling you the opposite. Society, your family and friends, the marketplace… just about everyone wrongly believes — and wants you to believe — that success only happens in bite-sized pieces. They tell you to go slow and not expect to achieve BIG things within a short time.

Frankly, that’s BS and if you follow my direction and guidance, you’ll soon know for yourself that anyone who tells you it’s impossible to generate $10K, $20K, $50K or more within a matter of weeks or months has not tried starting a REAL Internet Business (or if they did try it, they did it completely wrong and that’s why they failed).

It’s likely that those who tell you that rapid success is not possible are speaking not from their own experience… but rather from their beliefs. Beliefs are extremely powerful things, and it’s important to regularly examine your own.

A good way to test a belief is to compare it against a fact. I can give you facts. So let’s look at a very specific example of speedy success. It’s the actual experience of one of my clients — in this case, Ken — in his own words.

“One summer recently, I literally found my financial back against a wall. I had quit my job as a schoolteacher to start two businesses: a real estate investing business and another business that brought theatrical presentations into local schools to teach students about various topics.

The problem was that neither of these businesses brought in consistent income. The real estate business was great when deals were closing regularly, but horrible when they weren’t. The school presentation business was solid during the school year, but dead during the summer.

Maybe you can relate to this phenomenon of roller-coaster revenue that plagues the vast majority of small business entrepreneurs.

The bottom line for me in June of that year was that if I couldn’t make something happen fast, my bank account would literally beempty within 60 days. What I needed at that time was something specific that I now teach as speed-to-market. I needed financial results, and I needed them pronto.

The one positive thing I possessed was the ability to accurately observe what was happening on the Internet. At that time, I observed that many marketers were selling various kinds of products and services to real estate investors. That seemed like a perfect market for me based on my passion and skills. Best of all I could see that these successful marketers were making a killing selling their products and services. That encouraged me, and fortunately, I had the nerve to believe I could do the exact same thing.

Using a specific set of proprietary techniques, I now teach to people all over the world, I was able to quickly amass a very small list of followers: 91 people to be exact. By most standards this is a ridiculously small list — almost laughably small. And even after I created this list of followers, I had absolutely no idea what to do with it. I simply modeled what I saw the top marketers doing and had complete faith in myself. After all, my family’s ability to eat was at stake.

The result? Exactly 59 days after starting my Internet business, I had placed exactly $12,370.80 directly into my bank account. To be clear, I accomplished this entirely from scratch with no previous Internet experience and almost zero technical skills.

Now, if I had tried to build my business slowly, I never would have had the success I did. It was taking decisive action that was critical for my success.”

The reason I shared Ken’s story with you is this: when you finally choose to adopt the mindset and approach used by successful Internet Entrepreneurs, you will quickly understand why I say that speed is your greatest asset in generating the level of revenue you deserve.

Success Pillar #2: BIG Is Easier Than Small

In the past, when budding entrepreneurs wanted to start a new business, their limited funds boxed them into a limited start-up as far as reaching potential customers. They’d only be able to reach a small group of buyers first. Then they’d take their profits from those first sales to bankroll a larger outreach.

But that’s not necessary anymore. One of the most valuable aspects of the Internet is that it has no boundaries. There’s no limit to how many people you can reach, provided you know how to go about it.

It’s amazing to think about it, but if you wanted to share a product, service, book or other information with people in any niche/market of your choosing, you could reach hundreds, thousands, even millions of people across the globe today. Yes,today. A blog can be live on the web within a few hours. Even a full-blown website can be built almost as quickly.

Of course, to reach that many people you would have to know exactly who you were wanting to reach and the best methods for letting those folks know you exist. But rest assured it can be done. Average people are doing it right now, even as you read this.

Compare this Internet-based approach to other business models where you are geographically limited to reaching local customers. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with local business. However, it’s easy to see that when you are in a position to open your customer base up to a worldwide audience, your income has the potential to skyrocket as a result.

Not only that, the kind of products and services you can provide on the Internet allow you to take advantage of speed-to-market as I spoke about above. It therefore becomes obvious why I say that you can literally double and even triple your income potential in a matter of days once you make the choice to go BIG (worldwide via the Internet) rather than small.

Alright, so there’s Success Pillars 1 and 2.

I’ll come back around with Pillars number 3 and 4 in the next post.

If you don’t mind, share this post with others. We need less people thinking like I discussed in Pillar number 1 and I’m sure reading my post will only help us make a stand for shifting that thinking.

I appreciate you sharing this!

See you in the next post.

Thanks for reading!

Jeff Vacek

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