The 4 Pillars of a Highly Successful Internet Business — Part 2

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Let’s continue with Pillar numbers 3 and 4 of my 4 pillars of highly successful internet businesses.

Success Pillar #3: Go DEEP, Not Wide

Once you decide on the niche, market, product or service you want to focus on (and hopefully that you have a passion for) you need to follow-through on that one area. Don’t get pulled off into other directions. This is a pillar that successful Internet Entrepreneurs fully understand, especially in today’s business climate. I can summarize why it’s so important this way:

People do NOT want their problems solved half way

When someone is doing a search on the Internet for “hemorrhoid but cushion”, “a cure for acne,” or “how to afford college,” or “how to get rid of pet odor” … they are not looking for a temporary band-aid solution. They want quality, usable products, services and information that actually solves their core want or problem.

What I often see among new internet entrepreneurs is the temptation to go after dozens of different niche markets while never providing a quality solution to any of them. They think that by going wide they’re giving themselves insurance against choosing the wrong niceh, market, product or service.

But it’s not insurance to do anything half-way. It is the equivalent of planting dozens of seeds all over a field yet never watering or nurturing them. When you do this nothing blooms, nothing grows.

Basically, it’s a lot of activity without results. Even worse, it’s a failure of leadership.

What successful Internet Entrepreneurs understand is this: you need to commit to the problem you want to address, identify the solution you want to offer, and then go deep on behalf of your chosen customer. Once you’ve identified who is your best customer (which I’ll help you do) and the kind of product or service they are truly desperate for, you are able to figure out everything you need to do to fully serve them.

This means being willing to offer your customers much more than just a band-aid solution. You want to do whatever is necessary to offer them a complete solution. For example, that might involve developing a series of products after your first product brings you an initial burst of success.

This is the exact approach used by the top Internet Entrepreneurs in the world, and it fulfills two goals. First, it shows your customers how committed you are to helping them pain, want, need or desire fully. They know where they can keep returning to have their needs met.

Second, it brings you exponentially more revenue because your customers end up spending much more money with you so they can acquire more advanced or more targeted solutions.

Success Pillar #4: LEADERSHIP is Your New Checkbook

I talk about leadership a lot on this blog and in other forms of content I put out AND with my clients.

What I’m really referring to is the willingness to influence people to become passionate about what you’re passionate about. And it doesn’t have to be something you’re an expert at. It just has to be something that other people will see as a way to improve their own lives.

Sometimes to get people’s attention all you have to do is stand up and make yourself known. As I discussed previously, people are looking for someone to follow. From an early age I was conditioned to follow the leader. I am fascinated by people who are willing to stand up and lead.

How does this apply to Internet Entrepreneurship?

You know that people are looking for ways to better their lives. They want to make money, gain confidence, find love, make a pain go away, stop worrying about this or that, etc. And they’re looking for someone to lead them in the right direction. A trusted advisor if you will

Now, you know that there’s something you know that can help them. Maybe you know something about how to make money in real estate. It’s a technique that you know others can use. Believe me, they want to learn what you know, and they’ll be willing to pay money for either that information OR you will build your product, service and company brand because as the representative of your company you decided to stand up, lead and put your hand out for them to grab. Even if you sell widgets, you can become your client’s, customer’s and even prospect’s trusted advisor on just about anything.

That’s where you have to become the leader. Step up. Put yourself out there. Let people know that you have something that can help them. Something that they want, but they didn’t know they wanted it until you took on the role of the leader.

Most people won’t do this. But now you know that you can. You just have to figure out what information, products or services you have that others will want. Again, you don’t have to be an expert at it. You really just need the idea at the start. You can learn what you need to learn later. Just step up to lead people to what you know they want. Even if you’re not an expert, if people can see that you care, they will follow.

And if you believe in what you’re selling, you will know that you’re helping people. So you’ve accomplishing two things. First, you’re opening doors to people who are eager to find them. Second, you are placing the final pillar that is the solid foundation of your new or existing business.

That’s why I say that when you step forward as a leader, your Internet business becomes an open checkbook for you. And you can write the future you want for yourself.

So those are the four pillars on which you can build your Internet Business: Go FAST, Go BIG, Go DEEP, and LEAD the Way. Make those the core of your business plan, and you’ll be thinking and acting like successful Internet Entrepreneurs do.

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Jeff Vacek

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