Today is my Dad’s birthday. He would be 70 years old. If his sisters picked on him for turning “the big seven-oh” he would have said something like “finally entering my prime.”

He’s not here though. After waging many battles with cancer, it finally won the war late last year. He just wanted to make it to Christmas. I never wanted him to leave.

Before Dad passed away I started writing privately to him, knowing he’d never read it. To celebrate his birthday, I’m cobbling a few of those together and sharing it out. He was just too good a…

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The question was, in itself, pretty innocuous.

“Listen, I’m just saying that heard it from someone on the team this past week, and now I’m wondering — what is our approach to setting up individual career development paths?” Brian asked.

Andy’s jaw dropped. He looked down at his notebook and back up again. “Well uh,” he started. He started meandering his way through an incoherent response. The ten or so other people in the room stared down at the half-eaten lunch in front of them. I was wracking my brain, thinking “where did this question come from? Should we even…

There is nothing I love more than when new people join the team, and we get to learn from their experience and routines. Such a major power-up for the whole company. So when two agile experts joined our engineering team and brought with them a zeal for regular retrospectives, I was all in.

Retrospectives (retros) are time set aside for teams at intervals to reflect on the last chunk of work. They can be set up at the conclusion of a sprint, after a planned amount of time, following a release, or to address a newly discovered issue.

We had…

We all have that person in our lives that let it go a little too far.

In college, they had the fastest metabolism, but now they are eating too much. They used to hang out with friends after work, but now they have a family and they are going out for drinks too much. They used to be an athlete, and now they don’t exercise enough.

At first, it’s no big deal. Sure, there are a few extra pounds, a few rounded edges, but in terms of output it’s the same. They can still play pickup basketball every once in…

SpaceX commercial resupply launch to iss, may 23 2012 / SouthernStars

Shipping it and shipping it and shipping it well.

Shipping, or releasing, or publishing, is essential to any software startup’s life. It’s a time to celebrate all the deep thinking and hard work that goes into creating wonderful things for our customers. “Ship it!” has also become synonymous with success, and there are lots of posts out there from smart people telling you the most important thing you should be doing is shipping.

This is great advice — releasing new things into the wild is the only way they actually create value.

But shipping also means change. A change in layout, a change in flow, a change in daily…

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