As usual, Holly Wood has laid bare the ugly reality for all to marvel at or wretch over as the case…
Mike Meyer

Capitalism without Socialism undermines Democracy and returns us to an Autocracy (now led by a Dictator), which encourages consolidation of wealth and control (over resources, social structures, political systems, and of course all manner of communications — towards manufacturing consent).

The institutions have firm control over the money supply, healthcare, education, our food supply, communications, media & entertainment, and now all 3 branches of government. The social conscience has been “drained” from our government by the capitalist movement (driven by a few wealthy conservatives who are behind many of the institutions). And now, the kings of capitalism (mostly white male owned) are undermining facts about very real threats to the entire planet (global warming) using the honed methods to promote false science (alternative facts?).

Capitalism is good for profit but without a balance of social responsibility very bad for people and now potentially very bad for our planet. The people may not rise up and take back control, but you can bet that nature will.

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