Jeffrey Wallk
Jun 23, 2015 · 2 min read

Hi Sandy, thanks for composing the letter and inviting others to contribute. My only thoughts about innovating education is that I would like to see us innovate learning since education is seen as a stepwise set of institutional environments designed to prepare children and young adults for work. I don’t think education centers should attempt to prepare students for work. That should be left to a more formalized tranition program (which we used to call apprenticeship). How would folks re-imagine education if we were to separate the notion of learning, transition, and work ? I would like to explore ways we could separate the value of learning from career, job opportunity, and work. Learning is a lifetime journey.

On a separate track, it might be interesting to look beyond our short term interests associated with current state education and consider what problems we (humans) need to address as the wave of intelligent automation continues to approach (and eventually overtakes us). What will we (humans) need to “think” about as the future catches us ? How do we teach people to think more expansively while still leveraging critical thinking skills to solve problems ? What other types of thinking skills will we need to acquire ?

Beyond thinking, how do we contextualize the overwhelming amount of data and information, which is already overburdening the education system (still rooted in memorization of facts ….) ? How do we help students develop mental modeling skills to augment pattern building (perhaps the next step in learning) ? And of course, we’ll need to consider how to leverage artificial intelligence at a macro, micro, and biological level. How will this change the way we learn in the future ?



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