Back to School
Jenny Boylan

In response to your well written story, I have lived and experienced these emotions totally. My youngest son, Sean, began his college life today. Three years younger than his older brother, Sean has been the precious connection to my childhood, relived, and the need to be a parent . My mind raced as he prepared to drive off to his first day of college. I continue to think back to his elementary school days.When I was fortunate to pick my boys up from school, Sean was the boy with the biggest smile, always begging to play five more minutes. That innocence and spirit is gone. He has been kicked in the stomach by unrelenting life experiences. I have given my Sean pep talks, trying to ready myself and him for this new life experience. Both of my dear little boys are now college students. My oldest son will graduate with an engineering degree this year, and then comes the LSAT. My boys will ALWAYS be my little darlings. I am so blessed!

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