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Adapt to your Environment

I absolutely love the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) service that my cable company has. We are able to record shows and then watch them when it is convenient for us. Typically, after we get the kids in bed, dogs taken care of and my wife and I are ready for bed. We turn on the show and get to fast forward through the commercials. We absolutely love watching an hour show in 40–45 minutes!

One of our favorite shows is NCIS: Los Angeles. What’s weird about that show is whenever I think about it, I have the phrase “We’re Dealin”. I just googled that phrase and the first thing that came up is, which is an automotive group in Columbus. Hmmmm…

One night after watching NCIS: Los Angeles, I asked my wife if she noticed at the end of each commercial set and before the show came back on, the spokesman for Ricart Automotive smiling at the camera, with his arm swinging, saying, “We’re Dealin”. She said, that’s interesting.

The next night, we got in bed, turned on NCIS: Los Angeles, and fast forwarded through the commercials. Same thing at the end of the commercial set, “We’re Dealin”. My wife said, you’re right about the commercial…that’s crazy! We also noticed this commercial lasting about 5 seconds…that’s it!

Ricart Automotive has adapted to the DVR world. They see the value in putting a commercial at the end of the commercial set and only having it run for 5 seconds. They get their message across even through the DVR age!

A question for you and me.

In each of our businesses, what have you done different to adapt to the environment?