Use Your Body

I was walking into a business that has a button you push and the two doors automatically open. This is a business that has many employees going in and out, constantly. Some of them have a dolly and are pulling heavy boxes. Some of them are carrying large boxes. I totally get why they would use that button.

But, there are people walking down the hallway, carrying nothing, and push that button. There were a lot of people pushing that button. And that bugs me!

Then this happened: A guy pulling a dolly with product on it pushed the button and went in and made the delivery. He came out and reached for the handle and pulled…How COOL! An employee who was right behind him, pushed the button (even though the door was opening by the dolly guy) and the other door swung open and knocked the dolly over!

  1. Be aware of what is around you…always.
  2. Be considerate of others…always.
  3. Use your body when you can…always.

One more thing. Right next to this button is a sign promoting employees to use the stairs because as you walk up, your heart-rate will go down. Hmmmm….

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