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What if I told you there was a form of advertising that was extremely powerful and persuasive, while also being (mostly) free? Would you be on board to try that!? Try converting a curious onlooker into a customer in no time flat, while not even saying a word.

This is the power of word-of-mouth marketing, where someone else — a superfan of your business — does the work of marketing or promotion for you. You wow them with your product and/or service and they share the good word of your work with their community — not because you paid them but because they LOVE what you do, they BELIEVE in what you are about and they see immense VALUE in what you can offer them and their friends. …

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I can remember two egregious blatant acts of pure plagiarism that really upset me at the time, and the frustration still lingers many years later.

Copying your competitors is not a way to beat the competition, but, evidently, my competitors thought that it was.

In the first example, in their desperate attempt to beat our company, our competitors resorted to copying us.

The first case dates back to 2010.

One of our main competitors literally copied one of our blog posts and reposted the blog on their website. In the midst of my attempt to get them to remove the blog content, they then subsequently copied at least a dozen of our company’s primary web pages-verbatim, typos and all-and simply replaced our company name with theirs. …

For points of clarification, a pentamillionaire is $5 million, and a decamillionaire is someone whose net worth is $10 million. To many, either may seem unreachable.

I’m going to explain my theory on how to make it into the top 1% of wealth, how to become a decamillionaire and why it’s so difficult to get there. But before I do, there’s an important concept that describes the super-wealthy millionaire mind that I need to dive into first.

The Super-Wealthy Millionaire Mind

I write about how to create wealth in real estate. I write articles like focusing on the CAP rate, net operating income, how to find a property in the right geographic area, how to value property, and so on. …


Jeff Wiener

Entrepreneur - Grew Business to 8 figures and sold to PE in 2017. Owner of apt. buildings, Angel Investor, and best selling author. TheKickassEntrepreneur.com

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