“This is a fundamental irony of most people’s lives. They don’t quite know what they want to do with their lives. Yet they are very active.” — Ryan Holiday
Change Your Roles, Change Your Life
Benjamin P. Hardy

Daily journaling has sure helped me to understand and start correcting for this. Debbie Millman talks about writing down a day in the life ten years from now of how we’d like our lives to be. Instead of that, I write down three things I want to get done today and one long term goal. Some of those goals are career oriented, some are related to my health, others are just who and how I want to be. It’s been amazing to see how my focus has changed in just a few short months.

I want to be out of debt and not worry about money in the next ten years (I have a lot of student loans and mortgage). It has completely transformed how I look at buying groceries, therapy shopping, investing, really my entire financial life. When I get the craving to buy something stupid, I don’t get that negative feeling that I’m not getting what I want. Instead I get a very positive feeling that I’m taking control of my financial life. Having that focus about what I want from life streamlines my life and empowers me.

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