I meditate every morning. I do this after working out. It seems to be a good way to both cool down from my workout and focus on the day. Today I woke up a half hour early so I had a few more minutes to get into my routine. By the time I was ready to get on the bike, I was much more awake and focused than usual. I took a page from Tony Robbins and decided to “prime” myself for my workout. I did a quick minute of Prana breathing and told myself that I am the master of my body. I told myself that I would focus and that I would have control over my breathing. I visualized myself riding fast and strong.

Not only was it a great ride, one of my best that I can remember, I’m having one of the most energetic, focused mornings that I can remember in a while. My meditation was more focused. My breathing was strong, but not forced. I’ve had a great year so far, but there are always peaks and troughs. The last few weeks have been a little dip. Today, I’m strong, sharp, and ready. I will be adding a short priming visualization to my day for the next week to see what happens.

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