Cancer Can Be Killed — The Film. Visual Evidence for the Skeptics.

One year ago today I set out on a mission to film what I believed was the single most important scientific breakthrough of our time. What I found was both shocking and wonderful — the results release today on Amazon Prime Video.

Two years ago my wife was diagnosed with stage 2 or 3 bladder cancer. Her squamous cell tumor was removed from inside the bladder, but some had crept into the muscle wall. The urologist said the only option was bladder removal followed by some form of chemotherapy and radiation. The survival rate for 10 years out was only 50%. We asked about alternative treatment in Germany to which the doctor said, “There is no way you could treat this cancer in Germany, it is far too aggressive.”

Since one family member had already been treated successfully in Germany for malignant melanoma, we felt somewhat optimistic. We hopped on a plane and for 30 days, my wife Kerry was treated naturally with Hyperthermia (focused heat) Ozone Therapy, and IV’s of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. No chemo, no radiation and no radical surgery. We came home, got an MRI and a cystoscopy and . . . the cancer was COMPLETELY GONE. Upon writing our original urologist about the experience, he showed no signs of interest or curiosity but continues to this day to pull bladders out of bladder cancer patients.

Horrified by cancer treatment in the US and wanting to find out for myself what was possible I set out to find the truth. After writing about our experience, I was contacted by hundreds of people wanting to know where to go. Three of those people were in my circle of friends, so I sent them to Germany and filmed them before and after their treatment. All had tremendous results. The cancers were bladder, prostate, and breast.

Next I had to explore the natural clinics in the United States. Were they able to be successful, especially since the FDA banned so many things that competed with chemo and radiation? I visited two clinics, Nature Works Best in Tempe, Arizona and Utopia Wellness in Clearwater, Florida. While interviewing the doctors, I thought my head would explode. You have to understand, I’m not a millennial, I don’t have the new eyes to look at problems differently. My generation trusted doctors, the government and the health care system. There was absolutely no way that some sinister force would be at work to profit off cancer patients rather than taking away their unspeakable pain and loss. So when these doctors at natural clinics explained that cancer was just a symptom of something being out of balance in the body, and that it was possible to bring the body back in balance and starve the cancer, I couldn’t believe it.

Patient after patient that I interviewed testified to the same scenario. My doctor through my health plan said a,b and c. I didn’t like the prognosis or the results so I came here . . . and now the cancer is gone. The published success rate is in the 90% range!

Of course no exploration would be complete without talking to a western medical doctor or cancer researcher, so after months and months of trying to get an interview, I was lucky enough to meet with a gynecological oncologist in Syracuse and a separate researcher at City of Hope in Los Angeles working on CAR-T Cell therapy. The beauty of getting these western doctor interviews in the same film with the naturopaths is that you get to make the comparison yourself. I don’t want to spoil the surprise or reveal the bombshell, but suffice it to say . . . western medical doctors do not have the weaponry they need to fight cancer. They are battling with a severely compromised deck set up by drug companies and other interests who don’t want to give up their piece of the $150–200 Billion pie. It’s not even close in terms of an intellectual or scientific debate . . . insured health care the world over is profit driven at the expense of both scientific reason and patient well being.

There are a few other surprises in the film including one patient using cannabis, proven to be so effective in treating cancer that the federal government buried the results in the 70’s to not interfere with the powers that be. All this left me with the conviction that something has to be done by our elected officials. I know they are going against the biggest lobby in the world bar none, but we the people, once aware of our rights and clear on a subject, can change the status quo (gay marriage and the legalization of marijuana are just two recent examples). I finished the movie with a simple plan for our Congressmen to enact and formed a website with a petition that can be signed if anyone would like to join in. (

The hardest thing to watch in the last year has been people loyally lining up to their doctors door for toxic treatment, having breasts cut off and organs removed, quality of life being shattered, children being forced into torture, all when something better existed. I knew it and could do nothing about it. I can only hope this film offers the evidence everyone needs to radically change the way we treat human beings who have a very treatable disease called cancer. I look forward to your viewing the film and contributing your wisdom and insight. The medium community has been a strong one and I can only hope the larger media join in.