Is Alternative Cancer Treatment Safe?

This is the question I get asked over and over, many times by patients fearing for their lives. They’ve just been told by their doctor that a body part or parts will have to be removed followed by chemotherapy and radiation and lots of expensive drugs to minimize the damage. Disbelief and silence fill the telephone airwaves after I tell them that right now, Spring 2016, alternative treatment for stage 1–3 cancer patients is not only MORE safe than traditional treatment, but also MORE effective! It’s not even close.

Alternative Cancer Treatment has gotten so effective that right now in the Philippines, there is a clinic that offers a money back guarantee on their work. And this is no idle pledge as things have significantly changed in the last 5 years. So what’s the breakthrough treatment? Specialists outside the US are using radio-wave hyperthermia (not micro-wave hyperthermia like in the US) along with intravenous drips of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to detoxify the body and strengthen the immune system. The FDA bans these methods here. You can come to your own conclusion as to why, but follow the money and you’ll find the answer. (Hint: Cancer treatment is a $125 Billion industry and the FDA likes to eliminate competition.)

The difference in philosophies between traditional and alternative treatment couldn’t be more stark. Traditional Western Medicine believes in cutting any form of cancer out of the body followed by chemo and radiation. It is a scorched earth policy that aims to destroy everything in the affected area. No matter that the patient suffers, needlessly loses parts of their body, or ends up with the most important tool of the fight, the immune system compromised. Never mind that chemo and radiation are cancer causing, killing the cancer temporarily, but allowing it to come back stronger and less resistant to killing in the future. In contrast, alternative treatment recognizes the body’s need to heal, not be destroyed. It aims to clean out the body so the immune system can once again be restored to capacity and then use tools like radio wave hyperthermia to destroy cancer cells without damaging any surrounding tissue.

The hardest part of the equation is that moment when the patient, in fear for their life, has to decide between the medically trained cancer doctor in the white coat or the alternative treatment testimonial they see on You Tube; between the barbaric treatment covered by insurance or the $30,000 alternative treatment out of pocket. And ultimately it comes down to a paradigm shift . . . has the patient been through enough in life to be able to recognize that the American Cancer Doctor is not the expert, that they are controlled by the FDA which are controlled by Big Pharma? Can the patient recognize that evil forces could be underneath the decision to offer them money making or life saving solutions? And finally can the patient see that sometimes cheaper is better? (The costs of traditional treatment even with insurance coverage can be astronomical.) If the patient can wrap their mind around this most unholy of paradoxes, then they can get the help they need. If not, sadly they will get a lot of propaganda and scientific mumbo jumbo about what “they must do.”

That’s what we got one year ago. “There is NO WAY you can treat your cancer in Germany through alternative means. It’s far too aggressive,” said our Los Angeles doctor. My wife, 53, had squamous cell bladder cancer. But after the tumor was removed, more cancer remained in the muscle wall of the bladder. The only option here at home . . . remove the bladder. So we went to Frankfurt, Germany to treat it with alternative treatment. They killed the cancer in 30 days . . . 30 days! She kept her bladder with no chemo, no radiation and no negative side effects!

And as is often the case, a new polyp started growing a month later. Not to worry, now we could start on the real journey to keep cancer away forever. For us it is eating a high alkaline diet with lots of probiotics for the gut. This formula has been used by cancer survivors over and over for years. Since that initial polyp, Kerry, my wife, has been cancer free with a totally clean bladder for almost a year. There is plenty of documentation to back up the food secrets including Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg’s finding that cancer cannot survive in a high alkaline environment.

High Alkaline Smoothie, yum!

I would never begrudge anyone for choosing traditional treatment and in many cases that’s the only option they have. And in stage 4 patients, often they are in a battle for their lives where chemo and radiation are often used in conjunction with other efforts to extend their life so they can have some time to fix the many problems. I get it. I have friends going through that right now. The purpose of getting this information out there is to give everyone the power to overcome not only cancer, but also the dark forces that surround treatment in the United States.

I don’t know what happened to the Western medicine cancer doctor. And this is certainly not a knock on doctors. But, how have we lost our way so badly in the United States that we’re not asking the question, “What works?” Instead doctors are relegated to asking, “What do I have to say to not lose my license?” I’m a non-paid free advocate for cancer patients. Since I released the story of our healing that went viral last fall, I’ve been able to help around 100 patients get the help they need. The biggest hurdle to getting help has been that paradigm shift — transitioning from seeing the doctor as the answer giver to the patient recognizing their own powers to heal themselves through getting the information that heals. To that end I’m posting some great resources for people to heal themselves. Contact me or write a reply to this story for any other questions or resources.


Clinics: (By no means an exhaustive list, just the ones I’ve had direct successful experience with.)

Hope 4 Cancer, Mexico

Oasis of Hope, Mexico

Infusio, Germany, (also with an office in California for consultation.)

Paracelsus Clinic, Switzerland

Heaven and Health Spa, Philippines

Utopia Wellness, Florida (On an Indian reservation and so free from FDA intervention)

Gerson Institute, California (FDA restricted, but still effective in many cases)

Nature Works Best, Arizona (FDA restricted, but still effective in many cases), referral service for facilities in Germany