Jeff, thank you so much for this film!
Marty Crum

Wow, great to hear Marty. And I’m so glad you’re catching this before it get’s crazy. It’s too bad they don’t allow Hyperthermia here in the states, but there is a non toxic method that is similar called HIFU(high intensity focused ultrasound.) Insurance should cover it, and then once you change your diet, the cancer should just fade away.

I’m glad you mentioned the bigger spiritual picture too, because that has been huge for all the patients I spoke with in the film as well as my wife and I. Just the journey to getting well and healing is life affirming and then afterward you can be of service to help others on the same path. At first it seems like, “Why me?,” but then it becomes, “Thank you God for giving me this thing to get me on the right path.”

I wish you all the best.

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