Thoughts on the Photo Challenge Camera Club AV Salon

The brochure for this competition has been published and here are some personal thoughts. Before getting to comments, the role players are:

Salon Director (Overall): Hein Waschefort
Salon Director (AVs): Gus Waschefort

Hein Lass APSSA
Hein Waschefort MPSSA, FPSSA (dux)
Christine Waschefort APSSA

My first thought on reading the brochure was ‘the Establishment is firmly in control… ’. But then, why not? The salon is organized by a camera club and why should the main players not run the show? No reason at all. Its within the rules of PSSA - they got Patronage after all so it has been vetted.

As an aside,the same comment (not criticism) about the Establishment being in control could be directed at the PECC International where the three judges are from the same ‘school’. namely Adri van Oudheusden FPSSA, APSSA(Vers.), Jill Sneesby Hon MPSSA, MPSSA, MFIAP, ESFIAP, Hon FIP. and Wayne Webb APSSA.

But lets just discuss in a broader context. What message is being sent to the South African AV community? What was the rationale for using these judges? Were others invited and declined? We will never know. The PSSA rule of requiring all judges to be in the same venue at the same time obviously limits choices on cost grounds but could ‘outside’ judges send a different message to the community? I believe so. This is not a criticism of the abilities of the judges that were chosen. I think the word I am looking for is balance within a jury.

I know the work of all three judges (and the Salon Director (AVs)). They have a well-known style of work (think of In the ghetto, Lady in black and A fairytale) and as a potential entrant, I know my style (lets call it serious documentary) is not their cup of tea (although Below is a successful documentary from the group). What chance do I have to impress them?

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