Bug Fixes and Upcoming Features

Yep, we’re fixing all sorts of bugs right now. Thanks to all our community for reporting issues. We’re now up to around 85 beta users and we’re starting to see patterns for specific issues as well as feature requests.

Top Bugs:

  • Messages occasionally come in as still images instead of video. This has been an ongoing issue. We’re going to put all our heads together to fix this one. It’s been happening less, but we need to get messaging as close to perfect as we can. The bar is high.
  • Bluetooth audio support. Currently, Bunch play nicely with other apps that share blue tooth devices. This is something we’re going to address soon as soon as we can get the platform more stable.

Top Feature Requests:

  • Android. Yeh, we wall have friends on Android. My parents are on Android, and I totally agree we should look into this.
  • More than 8 friends. Our most active beta users have requested for a way to message more people. I look at this as an awesome problem to have… and we have a design for this. :)
  • Multi-messaging. There have been instances beta users have wanted to message more than one person, and the interface isn’t easy to message multiple people one-handed.
  • Replace 3–2–1 auto send with a “Send/Cancel” button. This is probably one of the most polarizing features—some people really want this. In some ways, this feature could make messaging even faster. For example, if you send 10 pictures, you actually have to wait 30 seconds total… and that’s a lot of time.
  • Larger preview. We’ve heard that a larger preview would be nice. This will probably require us to do a full redesign, so we’re going to sketch out some things.

I can’t promise that we’ll ship all these features, but we’re going to explore some of the possibilities. We have to weigh out every feature with finding product market fit. We can continue adding features, but we need to keep ourselves honest about how far we need to go with this MVP.